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Insurance Premium Finance

Find a strategic insurance premium financing partner so you can focus on the right solution for you and your clients.

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Premium in More
Ways than One

For your clients, we help make their insurance coverage affordable. For you, we have exceptional customer service and user-friendly software. We’re there for you, the way you are for your clients.




If your clients have to wait, you risk them finding another provider. Give them the ability to make decisions much faster than with larger companies. We can be nimble for you, so you can be nimble for them.



If you can offer great deals with great terms, you can look like a hero in the eyes of your clients. Making you look good is what we’re all about.



Not every deal out there provides the savings your clients are looking for. We work together to make sure we bring you the best possible rates. We’re here for you the way you are for your clients.



Some lenders only see accounts. You aren’t like that with your clients, and your lender partner shouldn’t be either. We focus on the person and the partnership where others only see numbers.

More About Insurance Premium Finance

More About Insurance Premium Finance

We partner with independent insurance agents and their insureds to make achieving insurance coverage affordable. With flexible terms, intuitive online tools and a nimble team, Triumph Premium Finance can partner with you, and for you.

Insurance Premium Finance

See how Premium Finance can help your insurance company.


You aren’t just another number. You get a personal touch with Triumph.

- Triumph Commercial Finance Customer

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